Ski Trip To Upstate New York

Ski resort on Gore mountain

It was our first trip of the year to upstate New York. I was not very happy with the idea of going on a vacation to an extremely cold place, when I already live in cold New York. My husband convinced me to take a quick weekend trip to Lake George for Skiing as he loves it and I don’t know how to even hold the ski poles (gear). We drove on friday after work to Lake George, and guess what?!  it was terribly cold. We went skiing next day to Gore mountain and I took ski lessons. I almost broke my ribs on bunny hills, while my husband was having such a good time, making videos and doing other daring stunts while skiing on top of the mountain. Sunday morning we went to Vermont, specially to take a tour of Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream Factory and to enjoy the scenic drive to Vermont.

Weather: Winter is very COLD, so summer and fall seasons are better to visit anywhere in upstate. If you love Skiing, then definitely winter is the best time for you to go. Apart from skiing there are not many outdoor activities in winter.

What to wear? For the cold weather, bundle up layers to keep yourself warm. Wear warm down jacket to protect yourself from harsh cold weather.  I couldn’t do without my pair of Ugg. While skiing you require special ski gloves, glasses, warm leggings, and the ski gear, if you don’t have any, you can also rent it at the ski resort.

Lockers are also available at the ski resort, so you can keep your valuables safely inside.

It was quite an eventful trip. Here are some of the pictures from this short weekend trip, Enjoy!


Enjoying hot cup of cocoa after an eventful ski lessons, Gore mountain. Skull cap: Old; Shades: find similar here; Down Jacket: A&F; Bag: Burberry
Gorgeous views on the way to Vermont
Coffee break on the way to Vermont. Shades: Prada; Faux fur Jacket: Topshop; Jeans: American eagle outfitters; Boots: Ugg; Belt: Ralph Lauren; Bag: WOC Channel
Destination Ben & Jerry’s!
souvenir shopping!



Must picture to be taken outside the Ben & Jerry’s factory
Cute Ben & Jerry’s clock and Van in the Background, Vermont
This lip smacking ice cream, yummy!
On the way back from Vermont, this frozen lake
Morning stroll by the cold Lake George. Shades: Prada; Shawl: Louis Vuitton; Dress: Zara; Boots: Ugg; Watch: Cartier
Beautiful Lake George
Soaking in some warmth! Jacket: A&F; Shades: Prada; Shawl: Louis Vuitton; Dress: Zara; Gloves: Moschino
Good bye Lake George! See you soon in summer!

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