Photo shoot in downtown Manhattan


Background: World Financial Center and Freedom Tower, NY. Dress: C21; Pumps: Isaac Mizrahi

Hi folks!

These pictures are from my recent December shoot in downtown Manhattan, where our talented photographer from Kichaak productions captured my different moods in various locations. In this post, I would like to share some of the must see attractions of downtown manhattan.

Weather: New York is freezing right now (January) as we just got done with the snow storm-Jonas-this past weekend. Good time to visit, is sometime between April-October, since New York is usually very cold in winter. Like any other big city you needs at least 10-14 days to see the city. New York is one of the most populous, diverse, and fast-paced city in the world. Due to it’s high diversity, you will see a mix of different cultures with a blend of modernization to it. Some of New York’s museums and attractions are worth seeing and spending time at. City has top-notch restaurants and possibly every cuisine you could think of.

Attractions: In downtown, NYSE on Wall street, Bull on the broadway, Brooklyn bridge, South street seaport, 9/11 memorial, Freedom tower observatory, Statue of Liberty and Battery park city by the Hudson river are must visits. You can also take a morning/evening ferry tour to see the island of Manhattan or you can take a 15min chopper ride and see the aerial view of the city.

Commute: Cabs are little expensive to commute for tourists, while trains are relatively cheaper and has great connectivity all over Manhattan.

Clothes: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes as you might need to walk a lot while exploring the city. In evenings for classy dinners, a cute dress with heels can be worn with chic accessories.

Time to plan a trip, see you soon in NY!!


(This photo shoot is brought to you by Kichaak productions)

A walk in the gardens of Battery Park City, NY.
Hold the traffic! On the streets of New York City. Dress: C21; Pumps: Isaac Mizrahi; Earrings: uncuts polki by trafash
Teasing Camera
Thinking high and limitless!
Walking in the gardens by the Hudson river, NY. Dress: C21; Clutch: YSL; Sunglasses: RayBan
Soaking up some warmth on a sunny day.
Bidding adieu to the fall colors of New York.
Trying to give a glamourous shot here. Handmade Cuff: Spain
Admiring the beautiful colors of almost gone fall. Dress: C21; Pumps: Isaac Mizrahi; Earrings: Uncuts polki by trafash
New York’s famous yellow cabs in the background. Dress: C21; Clutch: YSL; Earrings: Uncuts polki by trafash; Handmade Cuff: Spain

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