Fall and fur!

New York in fall looks one of the most beautiful places on earth. Fall foliage and colors look like an artistic color palette, which I always wanted to capture. My very talented cousin, Dr. Shantanu Dutt, was traveling from India on work in October. I took the full advantage of this opportunity and asked him to do a photo shoot for the blog. He is a doctor and professional photographer. He has received several awards and his work has been featured in many magazines.

So here are some of the pics from the shoot.



Location: Battery park city, NY

Outerwear: Zara; Bag: Chanel; Jeans: J brand; Shoes: Dsw
Walk in the park, NY. Outerwear: Zara bag: Chanel; Jeans: J brand; Shoes: Dsw
My arm candy
Pretty face!
Enjoy the view of World Trade Center/Freedom Tower and World Financial Center.
yatin_ratika-52 (1)
Beautiful fall colors in New York. Blouse: Forever21; Shades: Miu Miu; Jeans: J brand; Shoes: Necessary clothing; Bag: Chanel
Blouse: Forever21; Shades: Miu Miu; Jeans: J brand; Shoes: Necessary clothing
Someone’s just couldn’t stop gazing at me!
Love this one!


12 thoughts on “Fall and fur!

  1. Magnificently photographed !! Can you ask your cousin to come to Canada ? Awesome pose and both love birds keep bubbling . the quote on fall and fur was much awaited one for me especially when i saw the first pic of your with great expressions <3. All your photos are so rich and yet graceful .
    All the best for all your photo sessions 🙂 Loved it to the core 🙂 ❤

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  2. Hi me and my indian boyfriend are getting married in Cardiff in spring next year can you please contact and confirm if he can do our post wedding couple shoot.
    We will pay for his travel and stay along with what he normally charges.
    I’ll really appreciate if you can tell him to contact us.

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  3. I love your fashion sence these clothes look stunning against the warm fall color background.
    Quick question does your cousin work in UK if yes please share his details.

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  4. Just beautiful Photos
    You guys look lovely.
    Love the colors really has a warm feel to it.
    Love the photo labelled Pretty face and the second last one
    We’re all photos taken by Shantanu ?
    Is his studio in NY or around.
    Will love if he can do a spring shoot for us we live near Boston.

    I really love your choice in clothes.

    I really look forward to your blog.


    • Hi Beautiful! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Yes, Shantanu took all the photos on this post. He is based out of New Delhi, India but he travels all around the globe for work. You can contact and coordinate with him on the link and number mentioned below:
      # +91 88595 11525, (you can send him a text or whatsapp)
      Hope this helps.



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